De la Mitis River

A Place Worth Visiting in the Bas-Saint-Laurent Region

The name of this sector comes from the Mitis River, which means birch or aspen in the Micmac language. Both types of trees abound along the banks of this river. Its basin covers an impressive area of 1,828 square kilometres, with the Misitigougèche and Neigette rivers as the main tributaries. Two hydroelectrical power plants are located on the Mitis River.


There are many places where people can participate in a host of outdoor activities and enjoy the nature beauties. In Saint-Gabriel-de-Rimouski, one can find Forêt de Maître Corbeau, which offers a vast array of summer and winter activities with 74 games. Situated in Saint-Donat, the parc du Mont-Comi is a very gorgeous place where visitors can go hiking and biking, as it boasts a long signposted trail. Les Jardins de Métis is without a doubt an essential destination in the municipality of Grand-Métis. Visitors are to be impressed by those colourful panoramas! The outfitters of de la Mitis allow people to take part in a lot of activities while discovering splendid attractions.

Murmures de la Ville is a unique work of art that displays the cultural heritage of the city of Mont-Joli and that of de la Mitis on 21 frescos. Also, several museums and historical sites are located in the municipality of Sainte-Luce. Built in 1840 in the heart of the village, the Sainte-Luce church is an integral part of religious heritage of this region. It contains works of art by renowned artists.

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